Rental Opportunities

Home is where the heart is and there is no better place to share your dreams and heart than in the Town of Philomena!

Please review the town covenant prior to renting any space.  Failure to comply with the covenant may result in eviction without refund.

As of (RL DATE) 6/29/19, the following rentals are available:


11 Mistletoe Street_001

11 Mistletoe Street

234 Prims @ 650L per week

This lovely Victorian-styled Cottage sits beside the covered wooden bridge leading up into the rural Philomena.  Alongisde this home is a trickling stream for relaxing fishing, swims, and overall natural enjoyment.

8 Twain Street_001

8 Twain Street

117 Prims @ 325L per week

An old two-floor Colonial home with a living room, eat-in kitchen, and two upstaris rooms.  This home sits perched above Twain Street where you can sit on your front porch and enjoy a nice summer evening.  Alongside the back of this home is a stream.  Within walking distance, one can find the Philomena Library, chapel, and shopping.

10 Twain Street_001

10 Twain Street

234 Prims @ 650L per week

This lovely bungalow home sits at the corner of Twain and Wharton.  Right at tehcorner, you can hop on the horse and carriage and ride up into the rural area of town, walk a short distance to the town center with cultural attractions and shopping, or take a ride on the Philomena Rail lines.

11 Twain Street_001.jpg

11 Twain Street

117 Prims @ 325L per week

This kit-home Dutch Colonial is a quaint home for those seeking a refuse from the busy life of the city.  This home has all the amenities of a 1910s resident with a living room, dining room, and kitchen on the first floor.  The second floor has an additional two rooms.




61 Park Avenue_001

61 Park Avenue

117 Prims @ 325Lper week

Beautiful top floor over two shops in down town Philomena.  The apartment overlooks the lovely Philomena Park square and is in the heart of the shopping and cultural offerings of the town.  The apartment offers the resident with several windows in an almost panormaticview of down town.  This apartment also offers the renter a large space with 6 rooms!


29 Park Avenue_001

29 Park Avenue

50 Prims @ 139L per week

10 Emerson Ave_001

10 Emerson Avenue

50 Prims @ 139L per week