Philomena Library

The Philomena Public Library is a cornerstone of the community located along The Town of Philomena’s Thoreau Street across from Philomena Park.  In any community, it can be argued that the library is at its heart.  The Library in Philomena is a focal point given the celebration of educational history, and the arts, which are core areas in the town’s founding. With this in mind, the libraries mission is to foster community and creativity while educating residents and visitors about the past (circa 1910).

The Philomena Public Library is an open one room structure with seating for social gatherings, such as book talks, quiet nooks for intimate conversation or the enjoyment of solitary reading.  Tables can be found flanking the sides of the library along the fully stocked stacks.  The tables are ideal for gatherings for discussions, studying, or writing.

The open space also provides ample opportunity for exhibits on literature, authors, or history.  Book displays are rotating and focus on the texts within the library that match a season, holiday, theme, or other topics of interest.  Our virtual shelves do provide open source and free books for readers.  These books link to virtual public domain sources; including but not limited to sources such as Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg. Please visit our card catalog for a complete list of online texts available through the Philomena Public Library.

The Philomena Public Library is a structure designed after The Haydenville, Massachusetts Library of circa 1890.