The Town of Philomena Covenant

Town of Philomena Covenant

Effective: February 1, 2018

Updated January 27, 2019

  • Town Managers updated.
  • Town Manager role renamed to Town Council

For any inquiries please contact a member of the Town Management Team.

  • Mayor: Thaddeus Nadeau
  • Town Council :
    • Sere Timeless
    • Daniella Vedrina

*Town Council persons can assist with invites, bans, ejections, and inquiries to be directed to the Mayor.

The Town of Philomena is a fictional small town set in the America during the Progressive Years; apx. 1900-1920.  The themed town encourages period dress and optional situational role-play; respect the right of others to not role-play.   Visitors and community members of all types are heartily welcomed, but please keep in mind that the town of Philomena strives to establish a sense of realism and in doing so encourages appropriate period dress and form.  Renters do so in support of the theme.

By paying a rent meter in the Philomena Community you acknowledge that you have read the TOS of “Philomena,” below, carefully and agree to adhere to the standards therein. Be aware that you, as a tenant, are held responsible for any violation of this agreement that may result from content inappropriate to theme, inappropriate to SIM rating and Philomena standards, or unseemly behavior towards other residents. Understand that violating the community standards of theme, decency, and politeness may result in a termination of the contract made with “Philomena” through a rental payment, and that no refund will be made.


1) Polite behavior and a Moderate SIM rating exclude sexually explicit behavior. Please respect the SIM rating and community by complying both in appearance and expression.

2) Philomena is lucky to often have a list of prospective tenants waiting for a space. Please pay your rents in a timely manner. When a tenant’s rent meter goes to red their items will have to be returned after 48 hours in arrears to make room for a prospective tenant. If you choose not to renew your lease, please inform a  member of the Town Management Team in advance. If a tenant is evicted prior to renewing their rent, they must pay the difference of lapsed time before regaining access to the rental box to make new, current payments.

3) Please read the fine print and terms of service carefully.  Refunds will not be given for processed payments.

4) Helping to prevent lag is the neighborly thing to do.  Assist the Town Management Team keep lag at a minimum and prevent the return of excessively script heavy items. It is important to limit the use of scripted and thematically fitting artificially intelligent NPCs and pets to one per household.  On demand temp-rezzers may be used with caution, automatic temp rezzers should be avoided as excessively script heavy items.

5) Neighbors count on one another to carefully choose, inspect, and use their allocated Land impact/Prims.  Going over these limits can cause problems for other residents who want to place their items. .  Management, with Mayoral approval, retains the right to evict tenants without any refund if they continue to exceed their limit after warnings.

6)  Littering often makes a community appear messy.  Please refrain from setting your items on the public land.  Items may be temporarily placed for purposes such as driving a vehicle, walking a pet, or during an event that you are hosting for the community.  Any items left unattended, and without Mayoral approval, on public land will be returned without warning.

7) Only historically and geographically plausible furnishings and plant life are appropriate where they might be seen by others in Philomena. Please enjoy researching the period and finding period appropriate furnishings if they might be seen by passers by. This helps to preserve the aesthetic appeal that likely attracted you to Philomena! You may be asked to change/remove items if it is determined that there is insufficient historical evidence that it enhances the community.

8) In order to preserve the aesthetic appeal and historic sense for others who enjoy our  community, it is important that all residents only rez items that would be appropriately found within a midwest community in 1901-1920. Static objects are subject to inspection by the Town Management Team for both quality and period/geographic appropriateness.  For example, an antique automobile like a Model T would be acceptable; a 1965 Mustang would not.

9)  The Town of Philomena is  a seasonally changing estate.  Please be aware that Management will ask that you adhere to the given season with appropriate outdoor items and landscaping.  If items are not appropriate to the season, management reserves the right to return items without further warning in order to preserve the aesthetic appeal of the town.

  • Winter – Late November – Early February
  • Spring – Late February – Late May
  • Summer – Early June – Early September
  • Autumn – Late September – Early November

10) In order to maintain a sense of continuity and aesthetic appeal, homes and shops are provided by the Mayor, or a member of the Town Management Team.  These are not custom-built structures made on-demand for renters.  If a renter should want the use of their own building for their home, the resident must contact the Mayor for inspection and approval.  There is no guarantee that it will be approved and this is case-by-case.  The standards are high in order to keep the appeal of the town intact.  The prims used for personal home choices will be included in the renter’s prim count. Furthermore, keep in mind that shop rentals do not all have access to second floors and should not expect it unless stairs exist inside the shop; second floor dwellings are used as separate residential or office rentals. Please keep in mind that all exterior alterations to buildings must be approved by Town Management.

11) Members of the Town Management Team are glad to make one-time interior changes to town buildings. These will be considered on a case by case basis and as time allows. Exteriors are to remain unchanged due to the Town Management Team’s hard work and research into the time period.  Parcels and structures that you inhabit  within Philomena are considered rentals and will be returned to their original condition to welcome the next Philomena residents once you leave.

12) Please refrain from using full bright items inside and outside your home/shop.  It detracts a night time setting  and stands out like a sore thumb.  Items that are acceptable as full bright are light bulbs and fire (and should have the ability to be turned off), while trees and plants should be without.  In addition, please be aware that full bright items within a home can also be a source of distraction during night time settings.  Town Management asks that you work to limit the number of full bright items within your home so as not to interfere with the experience of others within their homes.  Sometimes, builders also set items using the Light feature that can be found in Edit window -> Features tab.  Please check to ensure that this is not set to high levels of light.

13) We understand that they are occasionally necessary in SL, but please be careful that any hovertext and/or emitters are not allowed to bleed through walls, floors, ceilings, and windows.  Please restrain your of use these items outdoors or within view of passers-by.  Advice on how these may be able to be adjusted is available from Town Councilors/Managers; often it is best not to use them at all.

14) Our group notices and chat are for our citizens to use for the town of Philomena and about Philomena.  Please do not advertise for outside events unless special permission is granted by a member of the Town Management Team. Permission will be done on a case by case basis.  Events held in Philomena are more than welcome in notices, and you are encouraged to allow the other citizens know you are hosting an event that they might attend. An example is a Ladies Tea at the cafe.  We’re an active community and we encourage you to take part!

If you wish to host a thematically appropriate event, contact a member of the Town Management Team about promoting it with the rest of the group.  Send them a note card with the specifics; time, date, location, and explanation of event; include a landmark or other appropriate attachment.  Do not forget to include a title you would like used.  Please make sure these notes are sent at least twenty four hours prior to an event.  It is also recommended that you send them to multiple management members to ensure exposure.

The following individuals can send requested notices: Thaddeus Nadeau, Sere Timeless, Gidgy Adaigo

It may also be found appropriate that a resident be given temporary notice-sending privileges.  These temporary privileges will be rescinded following the event.

15) The creators and builders in Philomena continue to do their best to create a lovely environment, but everyone can understand that  the bills need to be paid. We welcome role-players to enjoy the town in every way they can, and when our environment profits the individual in a financial way, these guidelines apply:

  1. Any business, whether for cost or tips, operating in Philomena will help to support the community in a financial manner by renting prims from the community in some capacity. The exception will be live performers who will encourage “tipping the venue” in place of renting prims.
  2. No business, whether for cost or for tips, shall advertise via personal IM or group chat in an attempt to solicit shoppers or townsfolk going about their routines. Occasional group notices will be allowed with permission and guidance from the Mayor/Town Managers, and Mayor/Town Managers will give permission for group chat announcements by event.

16)  In any community, people do not always agree or get along.  This is, undoubtedly, true in the virtual community as well.  With this being said, it is important that individuals make every effort to clarify and handle their perceptions and potential misinterpretations.  Placing them as a bundle at the door of management is not the grown up thing to do, nor is it responsible.  No one here is responsible for the actions and words of others.  Management will not investigate and discuss what appears to be gossip, perceptions, misinterpretations, nor injured feelings.  Unless it is a true case of harassment, management will not become involved; in these instances Linden Lab should likely be contacted with an Abuse Report.  We all should be working to ensure we enjoy ourselves with the limited time we have to enjoy our town.

17) Philomena is a community, but we must all abide by these guidelines to ensure all members of that community, as well as visitors, have a pleasant time.  Overall, the town’s goal is that you enjoy yourselves!

The Town Mayor, with the assistance of Town Managers, holds the right to make executive decisions to preserve Philomena’s aesthetic and historic appeal and maintain the best interests of the community.  Suggestions are welcome, but there is no guarantee that these will come to fruition.

This Agreement may be changed by Philomena in SL effective immediately by notifying you in a group notice in “The Town of Philomena” group.