Downtown Destination Guide

The 2018 Philomena Fall Fling Cart Sale

Check the Philomena Fall Fling Cart Sale webpage to stay updated on the sale.

Sale Organizer:  Serenek Timeless

Arts & Culture

The Idle Hour

Proprietor: Harlow Malveaux (Malveaux Resident)

The Idle Hour is a relaxing, second story room overlooking Philomena’s lovely park where visitors may relax, chat, and renew themselves while shopping downtown. The Idle Hour plans to host radio shows from the golden days of the 20s and 30s. At the Idle Hour, the door is always open and free to everyone!

Philomena Store Sign - 132

Viktoria Luise Museum of Art, Philomena

Contact: Anne [2338650]

A very small, but high-quality museum offering a refuge for residents and visitors who would like to relax and enjoy the frequently changing collection of perhaps a dozen 19th century paintings.


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Spargel & Shine Homes

Proprietress: Tess Spargel

Your destination for unique Second Life homes and furnishings. Affordably priced to be accessible to all, we take pride in offering quality products and caring customer service. Specializing in historical, cottage and modern homes since 2011, and now featuring Original Mesh by Tess exclusive to Spargel & Shine Homes!



Casa de Bebe

Proprietress: Bebe Begonia

Casa de Bebe focuses on bringing its shoppers fine period pieces to furnish their homes.  The primary focus of our trade consists of 18th century French and European antiques that help to bring any room to life with their classic appearance and delicate lines.