Philomena Postal Service

rural mail carrier


The United States Post Office Department has come to the Town of Philomena.  The United States Post Office Department has stationed green letter posts around town.

In order to receive a mailbox that works with the letter box, please speak with Mayor Thaddeus Nadeau about setting one up for you at your home (if you don’t want the prim to count against your count).  You can also set up a mailbox on your own by clicking the box and choosing to receive a copy (if you do not care if the prim counts against your count).


How does the mail system work?

Pretty easy.  You place, inside any of the tall green letter boxes, a note card with the name of your recipient.  Only place the name of the recipient on the name of the note card.  We tried it with a hyphen and a short title.  It did not work.

Once you have a drafted not to the recipient, drag and drop the note card from inventory to the green letter box.  It will then be accessible to only the recipient.  Do not fear, our mail carriers will not be engaging in Comstock Law policies of censoring your mail.

To retrieve your mail, click on the mailbox at your home.  No one else can retrieve your mail, not even the mayor.