Phrugal Philomena: Spring Outdoor Spectacular!

Gentle Readers, are we very much mistaken or has Spring finally arrived? Some of us will step out in our Easter bonnets with all the frills upon it this very Sunday. We here at the Philomena Herald are on the hunt, but not for eggs– instead, as promised, the second part of our Happy Housewarming segment is all about delightful deals and beauteous bargains for decorating outside your home, found in all the catalogs (the Marketplace). Before we hop hop hop in, allow us to reiterate the guidelines:

  • All items are under L$100 at time of posting (do remember that vendors may change their prices at any time).
  • If an item is No Copy, it shall not go in our basket!
  • Items should fit within the aesthetic of our community (1910-1919 small town America).
  • As always, let the Buyer Beware. We at the Herald have not tested these items, we merely share the links to them.

Now then, we have a LOT to cover this issue, so let us delay no longer!


Happy Housewarming from Phrugal Philomena!

Greetings, shoppers! Welcome to another installment of Phrugal Philomena, where we search the catalogs (the Marketplace) for delectable deals and thrilling thriftiness. This issue, we’ll examine furnishing your new home when you’ve already dropped most of your cash on rent. Fear not, gentle reader! I shall show you how to fill your home for a mere pittance!

Before we begin, let me review Phrugal Philomena’s guidelines:

  • Items must be under 100L.
  • No copy? Not interested!
  • Items must be period-plausible, fitting within our local aesthetic.
  • As in all things, let the buyer beware. Phrugal Philomena merely links to the listings, and in most cases has not purchased items. We can not speak to their quality.

Ready? Let us begin!


Last-Minute Bargain Buys

This installment of Phrugal Philomena is sponsored by The Happy Medium Public House, 42 Park Avenue, Philomena SL. For a cup of good holiday cheer, bring your best gal or meet your best pals at the Happy Medium.

Greetings and salutations, bargain hunters, and welcome to another installment of Phrugal Philomena. As before, we search the Marketplace for the best bargains for your shopping pleasure. This installment, we are saving scratch with our last minute Christmas shopping. The usual rules apply:

  • No copy? Not interested!
  • Items must be on the Marketplace for under L$100 at time of writing
  • Items must be “period plausible” and fit within our local aesthetic
  • Phrugal Philomena and the Philomena Herald remind shoppers that we have not tested out any of the items listed here. As in all things, let the buyer beware.

Well then, let’s get right to that holiday cheer, shall we?